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This is the User template. Please use it to be able to let everyone know more about yourself, be listed amongst the attending users and get a name tag on Saturday. This also helps us greatly in roughly knowing how many people are attending.

It's of course especially useful, when you're doing any sort of workshop, lecture or hacking session.

You can just copy what is noted in the below code section to your User page (open by clicking on your username on the top right of this page) and modify to your needs.

Note: Below everything within the < > is an example value to help you fill it out. Please delete it! Leave the field empty if you don't want to set it up!

|name= <your first and last name>
|languages= <the languages you speak/understand>
|email= <your mail address>
|xmpp= <your xmpp (jabber) account>
|irc= <your irc nick (on freenode)>
|website= <link to your website>
|continent= <the continent you live in>
|country= <the country you live in>
|city= <the city you live in>
|group= <your employer/ hacking group/ etc.>
|events= <the internal(!) link(s) to your event(s) at miniLAC: eg. [[Workshop#My_super_awesome_workshop]] or [[Workshop#My_super_awesome_workshop|A different title]]>
|additional= <some additional information about yourself. Pictures welcome!>