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This is the workshop template. Please copy the below to Lecture and modify to your needs.

 Note: If you want to modify your lecture after adding it, make sure to use the pages' edit button (top right of the page), instead of the sections' edit button, as the latter will only try to modify the template (and you're not allowed to do that).
|title= <title of the lecture>
|people= <comma-separated list of user pages, e.g. [[User:test|test]], [[User:test2|rather use real name]], etc.>
|room= <leave empty, will be one of [[Mainhall]], or [[Seminar room]]>
|day= <the day at which your event takes place (relative to 20160409), e.g. 0 or 1>
|start= <the starting time of your event, e.g. 17:00>
|duration= <duration of your event in timecode, e.g. 01:30>
|requiredhardware= <any hardware you/ participants might need or you will bring>
|requiredsoftware= <any software you/ participants might need or you will bring>
|audience= <what is the target audience?>
|description= <describe your event. pictures and links welcome!>
|attachment= <insert your presentation as pdf, e.g. [[Media:MyUploadedPresentation.pdf]]>