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Description: The main event space of c-base.

In the main hall we have a bar where our bar robots can supply refreshments. If no bar-bot is available, there are refreshments available in the replicator.

 Please note: This event space will be recorded and streamed!
Where is it: After coming in through the main entrance, it's the large hall to the left.
Size (in people): 100
Available hardware: Available equipment:
  • Projector aimed at the stage area
  • Soundtracs Topaz 14-4 (stage mixer)
  • Yamaha MG124-CX (main mixer)
  • Wireless microphones (via main mixer)
  • Table tennis table for blacklight table tennis
  • Adapters for connecting your laptops (if you've got a super special connection for your laptop, please bring a super-special-connection-to-VGA adapter with you)
Available software:
Intended events: Workshop Hacking Lecture