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Welcome to miniLAC edition 2016!

We are very happy to have had you at c-base, Berlin during the weekend of 8th - 10th April 2016! A huge thank you to all attendees and helping hands!

 Please note: This wiki will be archived by the end of the month! Please add your presentations and additionally needed files until then!


miniLAC is a more compact, community-driven version of the yearly Linux Audio Conference.

We offer space for:


We have created a FAQ page that will (hopefully) answer all the whys, whats, whos, wheres and hows.


Watch the streams from


All video will be available at:


Please have a look at the Schedule. It will be updated frequently and have all additional timing information.


You can be part of miniLAC!

 Please note: Due to space limitations, we kindly ask you to sign up with this wiki, even if you're only a visitor and not doing an event.
 We'd like to use this wiki to track the amount of people interested in the event and not rely on an external service to do so.


Please consider donating, to help us cover the (comparibly low) costs of miniLAC.


There are still open questions or suggestions? You can do one of the following: