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Welcome to miniLAC edition 2016!

We are very happy to have you at c-base, Berlin during the weekend of 8th - 10th April 2016.

Why miniLAC?

  • We failed to get the required resources to do Linux Audio Conference the way you know it
  • We still wanted to do a small community driven event, that can host small workshops and talks and offers a get-together (because we know you like it).
  • Without a budget, we have to shrink things down to a size that we can handle with the resources we have (c-base)
  • We don't want to charge money for this event. You already invest time and money to come here.

So what is it all about?

We'd like to offer space for:

We can not offer:

When exactly will it take place?

We'd like to start the miniLAC on Friday ( 8th April) with a meet and greet (no special program planned yet).

Saturday (9th April) and Sunday (10th April) are strictly planned to be used for whatever you can bring to the table. We hope you like the chance of this meetup!

How do I participate?

  • Create an account in this wiki
  • Add a Workshop, Hacking, or Talk event with preferred time/ day of doing it
  • Join #lac2016 on freenode
  • Wait for us to fit your event into available timeslots

I want to help! How do I do this?

  • Head over to our issue tracker
  • Talk to us in #lac2016 on freenode
  • Add content to this wiki!