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What is miniLAC?

  • A no-budget, community-driven mini-conference
  • A space for:
    • workshops
    • hacking events
    • lectures
    • talking to developers of your favorite Linux (capable) audio software
    • developers coming together
    • thinking about the future shape of Linux Audio

What is miniLAC not?

Why is miniLAC?

  • We failed to get the required resources to do Linux Audio Conference the way you know it
  • We still wanted to do a community driven event, that can host workshops, talks and offer a get-together (because we know you like it).
  • Without a budget, we had to shrink things down to a size that we can handle with the resources available (c-base)
  • We don't want to charge money for this event. You already invest time and money to come here, or working on our favorite Linux (capable) audio software

When is miniLAC?

8th - 10th April, 2016

Please have look at the Schedule

Where is miniLAC?

c-base, Berlin, Europe, Earth, Milkyway

Who is miniLAC?

You! (not kidding, this is a community driven event!)

Who is organizing miniLAC?

Members of Linux Audio Users Berlin:

How do I get to miniLAC?

Have a look at how to get to c-base from elsewhere or from within Berlin.

Where can I stay during miniLAC?

Have a look at our list of accomdations and extend it, if you find something useful!

Where can I find food?

You can find suggestions on where to eat on the restaurants page.

How do I participate in miniLAC?

Will miniLAC be recorded and/ or streamed?

Yes! Joined forces of CCC's Video Operation Center (VOC) and c-base's culttech will take care of recording and streaming of at least Mainhall events.

If we can also offer this for the Seminar room largely depends on volunteers! Volunteer!

How can I help miniLAC?

All organizers are preparing this event in their free time, no payment involved. Making miniLAC happen is not easy and there are many obstacles (time being one, especially if there's no funding). If you want to help and improve the organisation of this event, you can do so in one of the following ways:

How do I add my presentations and additional files?