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c-base is the space station below Berlin-Mitte, that also has a hacker space (and a soundlab!).


The space station is located at Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin (2nd yard).


The location offers space for ~150 participants.


  • Mainhall the central big space including a bar and routes to the other rooms as well as toilettes.
  • Seminar room a smaller workshop-compatible room at the rear of the mainhall.
  • Soundlab the recording studio in the basement
  • Weltenbaulab a location to hang around, chat and possibly do small workshops
  • Upper deck another small compartment in the mainhall


c-base is a space station with members. As a visitor you're an alien, which also means that there are plenty of things you will not (yet) know about the space.

Please follow directives given by members!


Parts of c-base are off-limits for aliens. These areas are marked with signs saying "only for members" or "Nur für Mitglieder des c-base e.V.".

Please, do not go to these areas without a member of c-base. Space radiation is dangerous!

Public transport

Close S/U-Bahn stations are

To get around Berlin with public transport, please have a look at the BVG website. They offer apps and plans.

An extensive and well-functioning alternative is the Öffi-App for Android, using the BVG API.

Getting there

Many ways lead to Rome, plenty more to c-base!


Berlin has two airports (and maybe... just maybe the most expensive new one ever built, but not yet opened! ;-) ).

Both are well-connected to Berlin-Mitte by public transport during all hours of the day!


You can come by train to the following train stations:


Deutsche Bahn is selling train tickets from all major German cities to Berlin.

Cheap tickets

There are ticket reseller companies like l'tur, where you can get cheap tickets in a certain time frame (usually starting from roughly a week before the travel date).

Staying around

Although sleep is not allowed at c-base (no joke!), you could however stay there overnight, if you're (with) a member and a cey member is keeping the space station open. The no-sleep-option is not something one might want to pursue for a couple of days though.

The below list is just an excerpt of what is available in the close surrounding. Please, extend as you see fit! Any hostel, hotel, etc. close to the S/U-Bahn lines (U2, U8, S5, S7, S75) of the above mentioned close public transport stops will do, too!


Many hotels are located in Berlin-Mitte. You won't have trouble finding a room most likely, depending on if you're willing to pay for it.

  • ibis, near Ostbahnhof
  • Catalonia, near U Heinrich-Heine-Straße
  • NH, south of U Heinrich-Heine-Straße

(if you find interesting, useful, cheap stuff, put it here!)


There are plenty of (admittedly not necessarily nice) hostels in the close surroundings of the space station.

(if you find interesting, useful, cheap stuff, put it here!)

Holiday homes

(if you find interesting, useful, cheap stuff, put it here!)

Alternative stays

Cities like Berlin have a large user-space of the following platforms, you might find useful:

(if you find interesting, useful, cheap stuff, put it here!)