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About me:

Name: Reinhard Katzmann

Profession: I'm a Software Development Engineer

Hobbys: I'm musician (I'm playing violin, acoustic and sometimes electric) mostly classic pieces and photographing with my Olympus OMD

Interests: I'm one of the developers (project managers) of the Canorus project (Canorus is a platform free OS/GPL Score Editor). You can find more information about it on Also I'm interested in all kind of technical stuff (past, present and future) and like to bycicle (mainly on folding bicycle).

Location: Close to Stuttgart (South-West Germany)

Workshop: Canorus ("What are we doing...") with my friends Georg and Matevz. Basically it will be a short presentation and the rest is up to the visitors (from basics to advanced topics and development)

Arrival: I and Georg came with train and Matevz with airplane

Accomodation: We already booked rooms near the Ostbahnhof (Ibis)

IRC: sometimes on the #canorus channel located on, now also on #lac2016.

Languages: German, English and a bit French