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If you sign up for a shift, enter your (user)name and shift type together into the schedule in the corresponding shift cell.

Big thanks for helping in advance!

Room Angel

The room angel maintains the room during a slot. This encompasses:

  • Making sure, the speaker/workshop organizers have what they need (shortly BEFORE the event!)
  • Keep people outside if the room gets too crowded

Antichaos Angel

General cleankeeping and upkeep/restoration of orderliness.

  • Check out rooms after slots to see if there are leftovers
  • Restore seating and tables after slots for the next user

You can always (nicely ;) ask the present people to help you.

Security Angel

Safekeeping and crowd management - should it become necessary..

Video Angel

Taking care of the film camera during an event. The setups will be ready and explained to you before!

General Angel

'This and that' kind of tasks.